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INTRODUCTION 2.1 It has been suggested that individuals generally have the following reasonable privacy expectations in their daily life:

 1. That they will not deliberately be observed or overheard; 

 2. That their communications will not be intercepted, read or recorded deliberately;

 3. That their personal, professional or business data will not be examined, copied or recorded deliberately.

 In fact all of these events occur on a regular basis, legally and illegally, for a variety of purposes. The rapid development, availability and relative cheapness of new technology, for example, sophisticated listening devices and cameras capable of recording distant images, have made such intrusions into peoples’ private affairs easier. Surveillance appears to be becoming increasingly popular, not only with law enforcement agencies and private investigators but with commercial enterprises. Additionally, the same surveillance techniques are used for criminal enterprises.

 The Dictionary meaning of:  “Covert” Secret or disguised (a covert glance, covert operations) Concealed, hidden or disguised. “Surveillance”Close observation especially of a suspected person. Keep watch. Watch kept over a person. Spy person who secretly collects and reports information on activities and movements. A person who keeps watch on others especially furtively.

 THE REALITY All the movie films and television programs that show so-called “surveillance” do nothing more than glamorise it, and give a distorted impression making this work look simple and easy, and in some instances it is. But in reality it is quite the reverse especially when it comes to vehicle surveillance. Anyone who has attempted vehicle surveillance will be well aware, that on your own or even with 2 vehicles, conducting successful surveillance for any long period of time, is almost impossible without the risk of your situation being compromised or losing the subject. This is one of the reasons why we at ITF LLC strongly advise against you conducting your own Surveillance, particularly with regard to relationship matters. 

 Surveillance is generally requested after a period of doubt and uncertainty regarding the integrity and the actions of a loved one, or an employee, work associate or partner. You may have noticed their behavioural patterns changing and/or perhaps stock and plant are shrinking, money filtering away from accounts, excessive amounts of spending and lifestyle changes without any logical explanation. You may simply have concerns regarding your partner before committing yourself to a marriage and simply want reassuring that all is well. The reasons are many and varied but often the only way to clarify or confirm/negate any suspicions is to engage some form of Covert Surveillance. This is where ITF LLC can assist you.


1. Staff Theft

2. Evidential Proof (Adultery) 

3. Insurance Fraud/Theft

4. Counter Industrial Espionage 

5. Conflict of Interest Investigations 

6. Brand Protection (Manufacturing base tracing)   

ECSD (Executive Covert Surveillance Division) When you need the best of the best for your surveillance ITF LLC have a specialist division dealing with only the most sensitive cases. All ECSD operatives are Ex Special Forces.   Since early in 1999, ITF LLC has engaged in delivering: Surveillance, Domestic Surveillance, Covert Surveillance. Employee, tenant, premarital, cheating spouse, business partner etc. screening Skip tracing, missing persons search, re-uniting adoptee and birth parents Find people services for purposes like debt collections, bail bond enforcement etc. Witness location, or any other investigation involving difficult contact with a subject. On site and off site private investigations Evidence collection and verification of facts about individuals and businesses Assistance in civil liability and personal injury cases, insurance claims and fraud Executive and celebrity protection Serving court papers Background Checks, public and court records search Spy chest - investigative equipment, spy cameras etc. Asset tracing, financial investigations, unclaimed or hidden property search Computer activity monitoring, high-tech computer fraud Internet and on-line scam investigations Sex offender registry Due diligence and workers compensations related investigations And much, much more related to the field of private investigations